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Frequently Asked Questions:

Etiquette, expectations, and FAQ.

“How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure.” —Alexandre Dumas

Why didn’t you respond to my inquiry?

I only respond to serious inquiries. If your inquiry is vulgar, I will delete it. If you send a booking request and fail to confirm, I will cancel your appointment and your emails will be sent to spam.

If you fail to screen with the multiple options I have available, I will just delete your email.

If it takes any longer than four emails, then I will likely just cancel your booking.

Where are you located?

I’m centered in Manhattan, New York City. I travel abroad frequently, and you may find me traversing various parts of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East often.

Aside from New York City, other cities I visit often include Dubai, Hong Kong, London, and Singapore, though I am constantly looking to expand my repertoire. I deliberately seek out challenges and find that I thrive in culturally-rich, educational experiences. For a general idea of where I might be, please view my Desires page.

Tour dates are announced via my top bar, and my specific localities can be found via my V.I.P. blog – or of course, I am more than happy to reveal my plans if you meet me in person.

Other locations I visit, include Geneva, Switzerland; Monaco, Monaco; Moscow City, Russia; Tel Aviv, Israel; Tokyo, Japan.

What is your preferred payment method?

Cash is preferred, always. For deposits and larger amounts, I accept Zelle and bank transfers, for your and my convenience. This is the fastest and simplest way, without hassle.

For those wishing to preserve their privacy, I also accept Delta gift cards.

I never use alternative payment apps, and if it’s not already included, I am unlikely to use it, regardless of their popularity. Under no circumstance do I accept PayPal. This is largely due to the unfriendly nature of such payment apps and the absence of security.

For organizing international trips and fly-me-to-you’s, I prefer payment coverage through the methods listed above, or if necessary, I do accept gift cards for transport and lodging coverage. I don’t accept direct flight arrangements.

Is your writing original?

Yes. Oddly enough, I do get asked this question quite a bit. The structure of my site, the writing and content of my webpages, and the policies of the website are all written independently, with no outside interference. This includes the content of my blog, social media, and newsletter.

Are your photos real?

Yes, my photos are real, legitimate, and taken within the past year. I am verified on a various number of platforms. I don’t show my face, but most claim my photos do not do my face justice.

Who is your ideal client?

Aside from the more obvious premises of discreet, respectful, and honest, I seem to pair the best with analytical types, who are intuitive and process information quickly. Perhaps, more emotionally expressive than I. Someone who recognizes I am highly sexual, sensual, and desired, but notices my ambition and respects me as an intellectual.

Why don’t you accept references?

Due to a high number of referrals, I updated my policy to accept references from a small and trusted group. The majority of the time, I find that references are not sufficient for screening, which is why it’s not listed as an option via my booking form. If you can make a compelling case or have a personal reference, then please email me separately.

Are you reference-friendly?

Yes, if we’ve seen each other in the past six months, and had a positive time. I do ask you to send me a message beforehand. You may use me as a reference twice per visit.

Will you be visiting “X” city?

Most likely not. Due to the frequency of my international travel, I find domestic tours unlikely. I am open to “fly me to you’s”.

What does it take to gain access to your VIP blog?

Firstly, you must be a client. Secondly, access to my VIP blog is restricted solely to people who have “sponsored” my lifestyle. Generosity, consistency, and some sort of connection.

I will reject your request if you’re someone who hasn’t seen me prior and asks for access.

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