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I am delighted you are considering spending time with me. To ensure both you and I enjoy our time to the fullest, upon meeting, please leave the donation in an unsealed envelope, in a visible place within the room.

My donations reflect the superior quality of services I deliver. 

Deposits may be required, at my discretion. Please be reminded that the donation is only for my time and companionship only.

If unsure, I suggest visiting my “Connections” page for the opportunity to connect and bond further.

“She is not my mistress,” replied the young sailor, gravely; “she is my betrothed.”
“Sometimes one and the same thing,” said Morrel, with a smile.

U.S. Rates

Kindly note, rates will increase in June.

The Arrival – A Brief Introduction:

Marseilles – The Arrival: (1 hr)… $800
The Catalans: (1.5 hrs) … $1,200
The Colosseum: (2 hrs) … $1,500
The Carnival at Rome: (3 hrs) … $2,000 (the recommended minimum for first-time clients)

A Day-Long Tryst

Unlimited Credit: (4 hrs) … $2,500
The Vendetta: (5 hrs) … $3,000
A Conjugal Scene: (6 hrs) … $3,500

An Overnight Affair:

Beauchamp: (14 hrs) … $5,000
A Nocturnal Interview: (24 hrs) … $8,000
The Fifth of October: (48 hrs) … $12,000

All bookings of three hours and more require time in public. For extensions during appointments, please add $800 for each additional hour.

Not in the U.S.? International rates available here

“Is it heaven that opens before me?” thought the dying man; “that angel resembles the one I have lost.”

I hold a preference for longer dates and engagements. I would be delighted to initiate a special tryst with you.


For the client who values selectivity.

Pyramus and Thisbe | Semi-exclusive arrangements … +$20,000

3 month minimum; NDA required.



Craving something beyond the ordinary? My specialty lies in creating unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. With a curious mind and a fluid personality, I consider myself a bespoke provider, where I fit the needs of my inner circle.

Repeat clients only: please inquire for more.

I am more than happy to provide duos, with an upstanding provider located in the area. Rates are hers plus mine, with a two-hour minimum.

I’m also open to trios, quartets, and group parties. Whatever your heart desires.

I enjoy catering to couples, with an additional fee of $500. A two-hour minimum is preferred. I do ask that I am contacted by both parties beforehand to ensure everyone is on the same page.

I can host, located at your convenience in Manhattan, New York City. I can alternatively visit you within Manhattan. For requests outside of the central area, an additional fee may be required for travel costs.

If you are a new client, please allow a minimum of 24-hours for screening.

When contacting me, please be as straightforward as possible. Aimless inquiries will be discarded of.

Longer dates take priority for me and command most of my attention (dates of four hours or longer). Pre-booking is highly recommended.

In the event you must cancel an appointment, please provide a notice within a minimum of 48 hours of the appointment. I take great care and effort to ensure each appointment proceeds smoothly. If you fail to do so, a 50% cancellation fee for a time reservation must be sent, or you will subsequently be added to a national blacklist database.

I love to travel, and as an elite, international escort in New York City, I am passport ready.

For domestic flights, there is a four-hour minimum.

For international flights, there is a 24-hour minimum. Please e-mail me for details.

To confirm, a minimum of first-class airfare must be covered and a 50% deposit of my rates is required. I expect transport coverage and luxurious accommodations.

I am centered in Manhattan, New York City. At this time, the only planned tours are international. All tours are announced via the top bar.

“Once, I saw a bee drown in honey, and I understood.” —Nikos Kazantzakis, Report to Greco

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