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“She was the mistress of all the novels, the heroine of all the dramas, the vague ‘she’ of all the volumes of verse.” – Gustave Flaubert

For those who are inhibited from meeting in person, I have a number of enticing options available.

My personal OnlyFans for exclusive, and never-before-seen content:

Here, I post daily photographs and videos of the sexual and sensual variety, in addition to custom content that is found nowhere else.

For those who’d like to know me on a more intimate level, I highly recommend subscribing.

Enjoy me, uninhibited.


Unfortunately, I am unable to answer inquiries unrelated to booking appointments in the future.

This will be implemented permanently.

For those who wish to deepen our connection, who miss our conversations, who long to reach out, feel free to select from the following:

The Carrier Pigeon (Daily emails, bespoke)… $400 per week

I invite you to connect with extended prose – all-inclusive of photos, videos and personal updates, in contrast to my relatively strict emailing policy.

The Modernist (Daily texts, bespoke)… $700 per week

For a faster, more relaxed exchange, let us connect through text – also inclusive of photos, videos, and personal updates.

Personalized Photo Package (5 Photos) … $60

Personalized Video (Minute Length) … $60

For alternative requests, please inquire. Prices may alter.

No redistribution of content is allowed. In all content, my face is somewhat concealed for privacy. I recommend video calls if this deters you.


Whether to verify my looks prior to our date or to connect in-between meetings, I am happy to provide options for video calls. Established clients preferred, but open to new.

Up to 15 minutes … $250

Up to 1 hour … $600

Up to 3 hours … $1,500

No redistribution or filming is allowed; signature of agreement required.


Via my locked V.I.P. section, you acquire unreleased full galleries, my private thoughts and musings, my private travel plans, and more. A one-time fee for lifetime access is required. To gain access, please e-mail me at: missangelinalee@protonmail.com

Established clients preferred.

I suggest following me on social media to remain updated.
Twitter: @MissAngelinaLee

Instagram: @MissAngelinaLee

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