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Etiquette, expectations, and FAQ.

“We cannot wait for angels. We’ll be our own gods now.” —Nancy Reddy, “Ex Machina”


My rules of engagement are quite simple, easy to follow, and listed below. Violation of the below policies will result in an immediate termination of our communication.


Recommended for new clients.

I assume you are here on the basis of curiosity and genuine interest. My objective caters to screened and verified clientele with serious inquiries. Attempts to seize my “free” time, content, or presence will result in a rejection and block from all accessible platforms.

This behavior is ugly and repulsive. It reeks of entitlement.

Any attempts at “negotiating” my rate will result in the immediate termination of our agreement.

If you are not a client of mine, do not assume I am obligated to specially appease you in any such way.


The easiest and quickest way to catch my attention is to submit a completed booking form online, via my website, or to email me. I will always try to fulfill and respond to sincere, honest, and genuine inquiries as quickly as possible.

I don’t accept every inquiry I receive. If I don’t feel as though we’re a good fit, I will terminate the relationship.

Generally speaking, I do not accept references alone for screeningIn conjunction with this, offering online board handles is not sufficient for screening either.

Due to a high number of private referrals, on occasion, I will accept references from a select number of providers and friends. For this, please submit a separate email request.

I also do recognize potential clientele are concerned about data privacy.

Subsequently, I do offer in-person screening opportunities. Please e-mail me for details: missangelinalee@protonmail.com

If you desire a non-disclosure agreement or alternative contract for privacy, I am more than happy to sign to ensure your peace of mind.

If I find not everything matches up, I will ask for additional information. Those found to falsify their information will be banned and added to multiple blacklist databases.

Generally speaking, scheduling a booking should take no more than four emails. I genuinely don’t have the time for more; if I find this too excessive or wasteful, I will simply delete the thread and block your email.


Every relationship is defined by an exchange.

Should we choose to engage with one another, we ought to both be satisfied. If either party is dissatisfied by our engagement, we should terminate our relationship.

Aside from the more self-evident qualities such as respect, I pair the best with those who are direct and earnest, hold some innate confidence and ambition, and are independent. I respect those who are honest, even to a fault, and infinitely prefer bluntness rather than some insincere attempt at being “nice.”

I tend to appreciate those with tangible life experience, a goal-oriented mindset, and a penchant towards mentorship; Even a friendly version of paternalism is easily welcomed.

I hold my own ambitions, and I find I connect best with folks where I can readily share my plans. Helpful insights heighten my affection for you.

Though I am initially reserved, I tend to have a strong, bold, and somewhat polarizing personality. People are either highly engaged or intimidated. I find I instantaneously connect with people, often to form rewarding and lengthy friendships, or I do not.

If I sense we are a poor fit, I will terminate our alliance and inform you.

I assure you, by doing this, I am doing both of us a favor.

I am not here to disappoint you, nor am I here to waste your or my time.


As iterated on the “Donations” page, please do hand me my gift within the first five minutes of meeting. Please do not make me ask for my gift. It makes it very awkward for both of us.

Discretion is highly advised and advantageous for both of us. And as such…

If we are meeting in a public place, please deliver my gift beforehand or conceal it in a card, envelope, or bag.

Please, no photos, videos, or records without permission during dates.

Please plan and communicate beforehand.

I remain uninterested in acts that potentially endanger my health, safety, and privacy.

An old proverb proclaims that cleanliness is next to godliness. I’m inclined to agree. To ensure a pleasant companionship for us both, please either prepare for our appointment by showering and maintaining your hygiene at your own residence, or my own. I am well-groomed, and I hold the same standards for you.

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Angelina Lee

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